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Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Company

Cryptocurrency wallet has a pivotal role to play in your crypto trading. With a robust crypto wallet you get the functionality of earning, monitoring and transferring digital currencies. Crypto wallets run on blockchain technology and they provide the security which makes your trade safer and faster. These wallets give you assurance that the coin it holds is under your ownership which cannot be compromised at all. These features make a crypto wallet absolutely necessary for crypto users.

Technoloader develops crypto wallet with core implementation of blockchain which makes it highly adaptable for any crypto coin. The wallets that we create are not only secure but also equipped with attributes that give you headway in your trade. From storage to transactions, it gives you advantages that make cryptocurrency a much better option than fiat. Considering the fact that cryptocurrency is the future, we prepare our wallets with the most cutting-edge technology and knowhow.

Multi-Cryptocurrency Wallet Advantages

Wallets that we develop come with enablements that make it a must-have for crypto users.

multi-currency multi-currency


Considering a vast number of cryptos present in the market, a multi-currency wallet enhances your trade capacity.

Payments Payments

Detect Duplicate Payments

This feature saves you from placing duplicate payment for the same coin, as there is large variety in cryptosphere.

Automatic Automatic

Automatic Session Logout

Keeping security a foremost priority, every session logs out automatically and makes the transactions safe every time.

inflation-investment inflation-investment

Inflation-Free Investment

For saving you from the volatility of crypto market and the undulation of prices so you don't get hit with fluctuations.

Multi-Cryptocurrency Wallet Features

Loaded with features that make a crypto wallet indispensable for every crypto user, the wallets developed by our team
have not only the basics in the place but they also come with enhancements that you expect every wallet to have

2-factor authentication

Enabling two factor authentication makes every application safer, crypto wallets come with the same functionality and security.

The wallet automatically detects the addresses that you have used the most and suggests you for making transactions easy.

To enable the user with better functionality for processing the paper currencies and making the conversion easier than ever.

To help you get updated rates of each crypto available in the market, making you ever-ready for the trade with all information.

This makes your wallet the handiest through quick payments processed easily with this technology which is easiest & safest.

To keep you always on the edge in the dynamic crypto market by sending you notifications with updates price of coins.

Enabling you to take your trade a step ahead and giving you an option to become a merchant and communicate with others.

Securing the wallet with user account with password and pin, adhering to all the precautions one need for securing an app.

Creating invoice every time you make a transaction and making your trade valid with evident documents without a single miss.

Type of Cryptocurrency Wallet

As there are multiple cryptos with their variations, there are different types of wallets as well, we develop all types of wallets maintaining their uniqueness.

Web Wallet

Making wallets available with the access of internet as per the convenience of the user, it is also called hot wallet which comes very handy for netizen.

Mobile Wallet

Giving an easy access to users with smartphones built for all the platforms, works with internet access and widely used for users who trade over phone.

Desktop Wallet

For sophisticated desktop users which comes with a cold storage option and considered safer than mobile and web wallets, engineered to be more robust.

Hardware Wallet

Also known as cold storage which is safer than any other mode of hot storage, best suited for long-term storage of your crypto coins with secure output.

Why Develop Multi Cryptocurrency Wallet to do Transactions in Cryptocurrency?

Multi-Cryptocurrency wallets give you the functionality to deal in different cryptos at the same time enhancing your trade and profits consequently.

Faster and Cheaper

With more advancements and features, multi-cryptocurrency wallets become faster and cheaper as they are integrated with latest cost-effective technology.


To ensure the security of the wallet, the pins and passwords used in this wallet is always user-generated which give more authenticity and safety to them.

Protected Against Inflation

It tells you the rate of all the cryptos in advance through notifications, this wallet protects you from the inflation which is recurring in cryptocurrencies.

Not Controlled by Governments

Not controlled by government or any other centralized authority, this wallet will only be controlled by its authorized user making him/her the absolute owner.

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