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Blockchain Technology Consulting Service

With blockchain, the industries are now expanding the horizons of their operations. The widespread implementation of blockchain also comes with the need of regular consulting to maintain the foolproofness of the mechanism. There's when blockchain consultation comes into the picture and provides quintessential advice to the companies. Companies from different domains are now making efforts to retrofit their blockchains with consulting services.

Technoloader, being a blockchain development company itself, provides consultation services too. Needless to say, we have acquired mastery on the technology by developing blockchains for various companies belonging to different industries. This expertise makes us helpful for consultation services as well. Alongwith developing blockchains, we empower companies with knowledge and exposure to this technology which helps them grow further.

Strategic Consulting

We provide consultation with strategic steps that help you understand the technology.

Web Development Web Development

Planned Consulting

Implementation and analysis of the blockchain is done after understanding coarse nature of your business. As we understand that your need for blockchain may differ from another, so we optimize it according to your needs.

Cloud-based Development Cloud-based Development

Training Module

We orient your team with blockchain through various techniques such as workshops, training material and seminars, allowing the exposure to technology seep through slowly and methodically with constant approach to learning.

Web Development Web Development

Hands-on Experience

Post training, we provide hands-on experience through simulations in training or production environment. Making them go through the beta versions unless they are through with every module and know how to handle it well.

Blockchain Consulting Procedures

Our consultation service involves a rigorous process which we adhere to ensure you get what you need.


First of all, consulting the idea of blockchain within our team to discuss its implementation with all aspects and repercussions.


Creating an exemplar model for testing feasibility and futilities of the solution, making it go through all the tribulation of proposed suggestions.


Assessing the technology and its effectiveness that you're currently, with a scrutinizing approach that tells if there's s single loophole existing.


Mentioning the process to the whole team and with the enterprise, giving an scope of brainstorming which leads for formation of new ideas.

Volume Test

Once the prototype is prepared, it goes through several tests to prove its usefulness. This process goes until the end-product is well-finished.


Once assured with the final outcome, product is integrated into the mainframe of your company with the team that monitors each step closely.

Cryptocurrency Consulting

We provide consultation on cryptocurrency too with the same perfection as it is becoming the next big thing for companies.


We start with the proposal of token/coin which could work in accordance with the stipulations or requirements set by the company.


Upon deciding on the token format, we start creating it adhering to the Ethereum standards which give you firmness and stability.


Dashboards are created according to inclusions integrated into the platform for accepting currencies based on the payment methods.


The type of wallet is decided again on the basis of integrations and then designed as per the nature of transactions it is going to handle in it.


The final phase of crypto development takes place with the integration of the whole mechanism into the website and making sure it works.


Upon working on the technicalities, we also help you establish the registered office in a crypto friendly country with incumbent company secretary.


We also help drafting the whitepaper which consolidates all the components of the project including its token allocation and the vision.


Allocation of tokens with proper guidance that helps you distribute right amount of tokens to the teams according to operational requirements.

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