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Why blockchain is necessary for governments and other sectors?

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Blockchain has provided the answer to questions that befuddled techies, organizations and governments. It took the invention of digital currency for this technology to be propounded before the world. While the usage of digital currency still remains a subject to debate, blockchain is making its way into offices, dockyards, high-end servers, fields and frontiers. Blockchain for government and other domains are being developed rapidly. This technology has introduced an all new way to save and distribute information.

Since time immemorial, totalitarian or centralized practices have been the way of engaging in any type of trade or custom. Even after the advent of science & technology, these practices were prevalent in every domain. Blockchain is not only a technology but a phenomenon that eradicates the very roots of our customary rules. Decentralization is itself a revolutionary idea given the fact that authority is taken away from a single entity distributed equally among everyone.

In terms of technology, blockchain distributes the information across the whole network and makes it secure by confining it within the blocks. These blocks can be created with a number of members who share the access to information. Every piece of information added to the network is sealed with a smart contract which is nothing but a digital contract. It renders information unalterable and cryptic in a secure environment. Each member of the blockchain gets notified when information is added.

Blockchains cannot be meddled with and nothing can be removed from it. This core characteristic makes it impervious to any hacking attempt. Therefore it is considered the safest mechanism to store and transact information. Apart from security, blockchain provides incredible efficiency, if adapted into the core operations. The efficiency of this technology has already been recognized and various organizations from different domains are adapting it.

Due to its sound disposition, governments of many countries are also implementing it. Blockchain has been notably registered in some sectors by making the results optimized and reducing the efforts.


Defense and security is the prime concern for every nation today. In past, governments have faced failures in securing substantial data and fell victim to cyber attacks. Implementation of blockchain can give a foolproof security to data and protect it from any kind of infiltration. A government has to deal with ample of issues that concern the whole country. There are several departments and blizzard of documents has to be kept. Misplacement of a single document cause drastic results and there are examples which showed the vulnerability of the working of many governments in the world. Blockchain for government provides the degree of security that every government seeks. It provides every government a secure environment which is transparent and reliable. It will also help getting rid of the corruption which seeps into various governmental undertakings.

Border Security

Again, blockchain plays a crucial role at a place where security is needed the most. Border security is vital to every small and big nation. Whether it is about controlling unauthorized immigrants, traffickers or terrorists, this particular issue has bothered even the super-powers of the world let alone the small countries. Blockchain helps in managing border control by empowering them with safer environment to send messages to different checkposts and saving them. It also helps them managing the resources and keeping track of the information such as intercepts and coded messages. Border security is not all about arms & ammunitions, it is a management which includes precise execution of commands, deployment of manpower and distribution of goods. To manage this efficiently, blockchain would be an immense help for every nation.

Supply Chain

This particular domain deals in transportation of goods across the borders and into the warehouses in the remotest areas. This involves voluminous paperwork with precise record-keeping of various charges and taxes. Therefore, there is a big loophole which remains active depending on the manual documentation. Blockchain secures this business with indelible smart contracts and decentralized network. It renders the whole system far more effective and flawless. For a business which includes volumes of transactions on daily basis, it is necessary to make the system robust and efficient. Supply chain management companies can certainly double their efficiency and they have already started adapting it. Custom-built blockchains which are specifically designed for supply chain, are now reaching the companies across the globe.


The most mundane occupation is also getting huge benefits from blockchains. Especially in the developing nations where there is a lack of proper network between governments and farmers leading to deprivation of their rights and facilities. With the implementation of blockchains, farmers will get what need easily and quickly. In many countries, rural areas do not get proper infrastructure and get devoid of basic facilities due to corrupt practices. Farmers do not get the benefits introduced for them by the government because there is a long chain of middlemen who all take their chunk resulting in decimation of benefits by the time they reach farmers. With the appearance of blockchain technology, hopes have surfaced regarding changes that can uplift the economical status of farmers. Therefore, it is being integrated into agriculture by governments and NGOs as well.

It has been indicated by various governments who are dead-against the usage cryptocurrencies, but interested in introducing blockchains into the governmental as well as industrial frameworks. Blockchains streamline the working of every domain by making it impervious to meddling and malwares. Due to this reason, they are being are adapted in many other industries such as retail, banking, insurance, healthcare and entertainment as well. Blockchain is certainly the future which will be the very basis of our working and lead us to a system which is fair, transparent and secure. With the evolution of blockchain, various service providers have also come into existence that are empowering small and large-scale industries with this powerful technology.

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