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Eid Mubarak – How Much Do You Really Know About the Festival

The auspicious festival of Eid-al-Fitr  is round the corner bringing vibes of joy and happiness everywhere. This festival is celebrated after a month-long period of fasting which reminds us of the most relieving belief that an ordeal is always concluded with success and gratification. It evokes the feeling that the eyes of god are always upon us counting our deeds and paying us bounties in return of our hardships. This is an occasion which brings people together with peace and camaraderie.

With bouts of feasts and gatherings, comes a bonhomie which is eagerly awaited by everyone. This festival commemorates peace and virtue over the vice, through the prayers which are solemnly devoted to god. It is the way of wishing everyone good health and fortune. It not only brings families but the whole community together through binding of harmony.  New clothes, delicious food, shimmering lights in the streets everything resembles a delightful picturesque.

With this fervor,  every nook and corner gets filled with enthusiasm and mirth. Every child has a smile on his face, every mother educes fondness for her kids and every elderly person doles out blessings and love to his young ones. This is the kind of pleasure that Eid brings in every house and locality. It inspires human beings to be nurturance towards everyone else forgetting all the misgivings and mistakes.

Technoloader with a joyful and prosperous Eid-al-Fitr to everyone. We wish that this festival brings merriment and achievements in everyone’s life. We believe that this festival gives us an opportunity to thank your friends, family and god for what you have got. Hence, we wish that this Eid-al-Fitr you have the happiest time with your friends and family which will be relished throughout your life.