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Blockchain development for healthcare industry

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Organizations and governments have come to terms with blockchain now. It has been unanimously accepted and realized that blockchain is the utmost requirement for the growth and security. It is now being accepted adapted in every industry including retail, supply chain, consumer goods and healthcare. A number healthcare apps based on blockchain are being introduced and blockchain development for healthcare industry is booming gradually. For every industry, blockchain has a specific implementation, by and large it helps every industry streamline its operations and enhance the efficiency.

Why does healthcare industry need blockchain?

Healthcare involves handling of data, distribution of medicines and constant updating of records. The centralized platforms have been long used to do that, resulting in high level of malfunction and unauthorized sharing of patients’ data to pharmacies and research organizations. Blockchain prevents all these practices with decentralized ledgers and smart contracts which give total authority to the patient to handle his/her data.

There have been a few blockchain-based healthcare apps already introduced which can help patients handle their data. These apps will not let hospitals share their data to any third party without the consent of patients. And when it is absolutely needed for research purposes, the patients will get remunerated for sharing their data. These blockchain platforms are also more efficient in tracking the medical records.

Just like any other industry, healthcare also needs blockchain to ameliorate it’s working style. The way blockchain stores information has been proved much more efficient and secure. The locking of data with smart contracts gives it a rather robust lookout which is reliable and inalterable. These attributes make blockchain totally indispensable for any industry. Healthcare apps developed on blockchain are slowly becoming prevalent in few hospitals and they will soon become ubiquitous.

How big would be the impact on healthcare?

Healthcare industry would be widely affected with blockchain as it would provide information security to the patients worldwide. There is a wide chain of middlemen which work within the industry and surreptitiously pass on the information of patients to the insurance companies and pharmacies. Blockchain will put an end to this and would make every process valid if it is required.

It would obviously be untoward for the insurance companies who currently get access inordinate access to the patients’ data. It is a breach of all the information security & data privacy laws that are implemented in every nation. With that viewpoint, blockchain will not only save patients’ data to be compromised, it would also help maintain laws for information security. Blockchain has been regarded as a trailblazing technology and it would surely bring a massive change in healthcare.

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