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How are governments using blockchain technology?

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This is an interesting question and answers are too many. Governments are actually implementing blockchains in every sphere as its efficacy has been realized by every government. A government is responsible for the whole country, its economy, well-being of the citizen, law & order, defense and trade etc. To maintain all these things well, governments have to adapt blockchain technology. Centralized servers have been used for very long and they have remained vulnerable to cyber attacks. All of this has sped up blockchain development for government projects everywhere across the globe.

The advent of blockchain has provided a new way altogether which aims at distributing the information and not storing it in silos, making it an easy target for hackers. Therefore, there are some noticeable areas where governments are implementing blockchains utilizing this technology to the most.

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Border Security

Probably the most crucial part of a country’s defense. Border security is essential or every country and no country leaves a stone unturned to beef it up. Blockchain comes up as the security mechanism which can secure the borders in the most efficient. Border security involves frequent logistic movements which are done in the most covert manner. Blockchain helps maintain the covertness and expedites the process of deploying men, food, artillery and everything you can think of.

Identity Management

Another crucial area which is equally important for every nation, also due to increasing terrorism and infiltration of refugees either as authorized or unauthorized entrants in a country. Identity management helps a country keep a track of its millions of citizen, it helps the government making policies, protocols and implementing them. Centralized cannot be trusted for securing this critical database which determines the growth of nation and blockchain once again comes to the rescue of government.


A country’s intelligence is largely responsible for it security. They are the ones accountable spying on the activities of other nations and securing the country’s own secrets from the enemies. Therefore, blockchain becomes most necessary for any country’s intelligence departments. This technology helps them secure the information in the most clandestine manner. It also helps find out if you have a mole in your organization who’s trying to pass out your secrets to an enemy nation.

Now we know why governments need blockchains to such extent. This technology helps governments build a stronger nation with better prospects. It helps the government dole out the benefits to laymen without any chance of corruption. This clearly tells that blockchains are totally needed for every other industry that wants to run its operations efficiently.

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